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1 year ago


"Very practical Bag"

I received my golf bag on schedule ; my bag is very practical - each club have a place and no noise when I use my troley.

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3 years ago


"These guys are really good."

These guys have set new standards for what a professional customer service and speed means. Have ordered 2x now, cheap shipping rates, fast online help, shipped within 24h and got the goods in 3 days.


A biker, golfer, skier, musician, cyclist, fisherman and a yachtman meet, and the biker says, "Hello colleagues, welcome to today's meeting in Muzikeri." It starts out as a good joke, but it is only the beginning of an ordinary day in our office. Your free time is extremely important to us, so we will not just talk about it, because we would waste your time . And we don't want that. Let us concentrate only on the essentials. Why is Muziker the best choice? Well, because we understand what we do. Mostly :) Since 1995, only active musicians have worked here and all meetings began with talks about concerts and parties, new instruments and effects, who bought what and exchanged for what. We are interested in all the news and we enjoy what we do. Therefore, we can advise you on the best thing for you needs. We do not want to trick you into buying the most expensive product, we will rather offer you something you need and will use continuously. Simply because we want everyone to come back to us with confidence. As this approach proved successful, we gradually expanded into other EU countries and also opened physical stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can find them in your favorite shopping center, where you can get a feel for everything.


Bratislava, Slovakia

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