Review Guidelines

How do I write a great review?

The best reviews are typically helpful and describe a personal experience you have had with a website or business. A good rule of thumb might be to ask yourself, “Would I find this review useful?”

reviews can be a review of the services or products being offered by a particular website, but it can also review the content of the site (say, a news website or a website with funny videos). Basically, you can review anything that has a website.

What should I avoid in my reviews?

In an effort to provide the most unbiased reviews possible, TrustPatch does not allow members to review businesses that they own or with which they are otherwise affiliated.

We ask that you refrain from profanity (kids need to read online reviews too!) and personal attacks such as hate speech, bigotry, and lewdness.

Also, we ask that you do not review websites that contain adult content or other content prohibited by Google's advertising guidelines.

Can I write about a negative experience?

Yes. Both positive and negative experiences can be helpful to other consumers so long as your reviews are honest and provide as many of the relevant details as possible. Your opinions are generally protected, but posting false information can have legal ramifications.

Do you ever remove reviews?

Generally, no. We believe in free speech and do our best not to censor our community. However on rare occasions a review may be removed because:

·         Conflicts of interest

·         Second-hand experiences

·         Personal attacks such as hate speech, bigotry, and lewdness

·         Relevance

·         Plagiarism

A small number of reviews may be removed by an automated system that is designed to protect consumers and businesses from fake reviews.

My business received a bad review, what can I do?

Everyone gets a bad review from time to time. Chances are, one bad review will not hurt your business, as your happy customers or users will soon write good reviews. We often find businesses that have one or two bad reviews to go along with their good ones often will get more traffic and customers. If you are affiliated with a business and would like to respond to a review, please email [email protected].