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6 years ago

Verified Purchase

"Great service from an Irish company."

I have a lot of domains with this crowd. I'm an e-commerce store owner, and I am not a pro designer or tech guru, however with the advice, easy to navigate portal and assistance from tech support (even at 2AM!), I am able to quickly and efficiently add new domains to my sites for example, great when there's a timeframe that needs to be met! Very easy to buy domains too, and most .ie domains are about €5 which is very cheap.

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6 years ago


"Best on the planet!"

Best on the planet! I have been with Letshost for over 10 years. I have been building and managing websites since 1992. I run a consultancy monitoring and managing web hosting for clients in Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand. I monitor uptime and network traffic on 5min intervals, supervise support issues, ensure correct configuration of systems, and provide monthly reports to management. I never hesitate to recommend clients leave a sub-standard hosting company, and most are sub-standard. It normally takes me 3-4 hosting companies before I can find one in my client's country which is up to the job. I've helped larger companies take their hosting company to court on a few occassions. I've probably worked with over 100 hosting companies, and fought with most. I am the most demanding, perfectionist, unforgiving critic of web hosting you could ever meet. I cannot comment on Letshost minimal services, designed for people with no technical knowledge, I've never used them. I run a virtual private server with 8 websites. It gives me plenty of tools, provided I understand how web servers work. But I depend on tech support to give me that extra knowledge, every now and then, without which I couldn't survive. That makes me a mid-level techie. I know how to install and configure a wordpress or drupal site, but I couldn't build an Apache server from scratch. In terms of technical performance, Letshost are the best I've ever encountered in 25 years. I have had a total of 1 incident of 3 hours downtime in the last decade. And I didn't have to have a fight with them over whether it had occurred, which is surprisingly common. This was a network outage, not server issue. They are the only hosting company I've worked with who has never had a server crash. I have found their technical support to be first rate, helpful and efficient. Average time to resolve problems is less than 24 hours. The same average across all my other clients is 4 days. They're not perfect, nobody is, but the general standard of support is much better than most. Where I have not got what I needed from support, I have always been able to speak to management and always seen things resolved to my satisfaction. Management of technical companies is extremely difficult and few get it right - Letshost could offer a master-class in technical management. If you have basic web admin skills - if you can configure DNS, configure wordpress, etc, and you want a CPanel system with all the scripts, etc, then I don't think you could do any better. And they didn't pay me for this...:-)

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Lets Host

LetsHost is part of the Register Group, and international group of companies who operate in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, and the USA LetsHost provides domain registration and web hosting services to every type of customer, from small home enterprises right up to multi national corporations, and everything in between.