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C&G Concrete Pumping Ltd

Are you looking for a fast clean way to lay concrete or is your site difficult to reach? Concrete pumping is the best solution for projects where the site is awkward to access. Perhaps your site is on a steep slope, down a very narrow street or behind a terraced row? Are you worried about the risk to the surrounding area of spills or impact damage? Pumping is faster and cleaner than moving concrete by wheelbarrow or dumper, you don’t have to worry about ramps or mess and we can pour your concrete in a fraction of the time it would take by other methods. C&G Concrete Pumping Ltd are CPCS approved concrete pumping specialists with over 10 years experience in pumping concrete in the UK. We can pump concrete in excess of 300 ft and can take the pipeline straight through or around a building or even over with our boom pumps. If you want to take the dirt and the slog out of pouring concrete, or if you are laying concrete in a tight, restricted or multi-storey site, give us a call for help and advice. We can give you a competitive quote and will consider any job, domestic or commercial. Just make sure you know how far the distance from our pump to the furthest part of your pour will be and approximately how much concrete needs to be pumped. We will work with your concrete supplier, just make sure they know to supply you with pump-able mix.


Minmere Bungalow, Buckland Road, Charney Bassett, Oxfordshire OX12 0EL, United Kingdom

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