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8 years ago


"Inept, unprofessional and happy to rip you off. Avoid."

2 years with this company, first one ok, the second a total nightmare. Sent in my data, received and paid Callan's upfront fixed fee invoice a month later (for completion of abbreviated accounts, full accounts, and self assessment), then heard nothing for months. Emails went unanswered for weeks on end, up to and beyond the filing deadline, so naturally I was concerned about having missed it. The accounts were apparently filed on the deadline, WITHOUT me being informed, or given the chance to see or approve them. I was not given the abbreviated accounts until 2 weeks after the deadline. I was not given the full accounts at all. Emails I sent asking for the full accounts went unanswered, and, because I asked publicly on their fb page for a reply, I got a rare email response from Stephen in which he ranted in a barely comprehensible manner and resigned as my accountant. WITHOUT completing the work I paid for, or refunding the portion of the work he couldn't be bothered doing. They had also insisted that I pay monthly towards NEXT year's fees, which I did, and although they will not be doing that work they refuse to refund that money too. In what universe is this ethical, professional or honest behaviour? Callan are not accredited with any of the regulatory accountancy bodies so they are not bound by a code of conduct. The icing on the cake is that I have since hired a properly qualified and professionally accredited accountant to do what I already paid Callan to do, and they have informed me that the figures in the abbreviated accounts are total nonsense. I would not go near Callan with a barge pole, and definitely would not recommend giving them any money upfront. In response to Stephen's comments below _______________________________________ The matter is now being discussed in public because you refused to resolve it privately, despite being given multiple opportunities to do so. The issues arose because you have not fulfilled your side of the agreement and appear to lack the ability to do the right thing. It is not reasonable to take the money, not do the work, and yet keep the money. It is absolutely your right to refuse to do work, but in that instance you refund the client for what you fail to complete. I have not made any statements which are not true. If you are in fact now accredited with one of the regulatory bodies please advise which one and I will address them about your conduct. Neither you nor your firm show up as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, you do not show up as a member in the records of ATT, and you do not show up in the records of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. After my negative experience with you I was careful to check out my current accountant prior to agreeing a contract. Funnily enough they do show up in the records of their chartered institute, have a communication policy which means they always reply within 24 hours, complete the agreed work, and show up with a professional attitude in every communication. You could learn a lot from this. 15/4/2015 Further to your additional comments:- __________________________________ So much misinformation to address, so little time. 1) I offered to have a face to face meeting to resolve this a couple of months ago, you ignored the suggestion. 2) We had a fixed fee agreement, I have this in writing from you, in multiple forms. I also have the initial terms of business we agreed upon. 3) I paid the agreed fixed fee upfront, to cover the work you were supposed to do. I have proof of this. 4) You did not do the work you were paid to do. I have proof of this too. 5) As you did not do the work you were paid upfront to do, it is you who owe me money. 6) Stating that I owe you anything is complete fabrication. Given that you have performed zero work outside of our fixed fee agreement, and performed less than half of what was agreed *inside* of our fixed fee agreement, please state exactly what it is that you are asserting is chargeable. 7) I would be delighted to present the compilation of evidence of this to any interested parties. 8) I do not have the time to attend your office w/c 18th April due to other pre-existing commitments. I am available in Edinburgh the following week however. 9) I am no longer receiving emails at my prior email address. If you do in fact have constructive intent in resolving this matter, please send it in writing to my registered office address outlining how you propose to resolve the matter and I will respond to you asap. Alternatively you may leave a voicemail at my previous phone number, and again, I will respond as soon as possible. 10) I had, and continue to have, an extremely positive relationship with my previous accountant. I moved only because I did not require the size of offering that came with a large prestigious firm. They did not 'warn' you about me. Your attempts to discredit both me, and my new accountant, whose conduct is exemplary, are completely transparent. 11) While you continue to dishonestly hold funds for uncompleted work which rightfully belong to me, I will continue to leave this in place to warn other potential clients of your conduct.

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9 years ago


"Small business accountants that i would recommend"

We have been using Callan for almost a year now from when I set-up my own small company. They have provided lots of information, experience, options and guided me upon best solutions financially. I have no worries from a financial side of things as they take car of everything for me, from PAYE, VAT, TAX, HMRC, company and financial returns etc etc. Best of all they are competitive on price compared to some others and any questions I have given them they have always answered quickly and consistently. I would highly recommend.

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9 years ago

Verified Purchase

"Can't be beaten"

I recommend Callan as a one-stop shop for all business and financial services. Knowing all of these things are being taken care of by people I trust lets me focus on my business. Stephen and his team really are the best!

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Callan Accountancy

If you’re not a big company it may feel like you and your business are little more than a number to many of the large accountancy firms. Different people may deal with you every time you make contact. As a result, often nobody gets to know you and your business well. It’s not like this at Callan. We are a small team and we get to know our clients and their businesses. Because we make the effort to understand how your company operates we believe we can give you better advice. Don’t take our word for it. Read what clients say about our service. Callan staff help our clients in a wide spectrum of financial services such as business planning, tax advice, payroll, management and statutory accounts, business forecasting and personal tax. Our clients range from individuals and limited companies to not-for-profits and charity organisations. Always value for money We believe that we offer the best value for money service of any accountant in central Scotland. We offer a FREE consultation so you can easily decide for yourself. We keep the jargon to a minimum We like to make complex matters as simple as possible. And we’re approachable and easy to talk to. We’re a step ahead when it comes to technology Callan utilise the very latest in secure technology to maximise efficiency and ease of use for our clients. No other accountancy in Scotland will offer more advanced or secure solutions.


21 - 23 Woodside Place, G3 7QL Glasgow, United Kingdom